Scrapbook with attached Mini Journal

Scrapbook with attached Mini Journal. This Leather Scrapbook Album for CARRIE features her name split between the cover of the Scrapbook, and the cover of a mini journal which is firmly attached to the front cover. A Japanese binding sews the journal directly through the front cover. The righthand edge of the journal has a leather lace closure to hold it closed when the Scrapbook cover is opened. Additional views available upon request. The headbands, stitched directly into the spine edges, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with colorful threads. Acid-free multicolored pages are bound around the three cords seen around the spine. The Scrapbook's cover hinges are reinforced with 55 lb tensile strength fabric, both under the leather and under the coversheets, to ensure heirloom strength and quality. Pages are individually handripped to create a curved descending deckled edge. Archival, acid-free, and permanently flexible glue has been used.
Dimension: 10 x 9 x 3 inches
Price: $900.00

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