Yin-Yang Scrapbook

This custom scrapbook exhibits many personal features which were requested to be incorporated into the book design. Initials are handcarved and embossed on the cover under a carved Yin-Yang symbol. The eyes of the Yin-Yang are hollow and show through to the first page...a handmade purple paper. On this first page a Pieces symbol is handpainted as a line drawing with copper paint. This symbol lines up with the Yin-Yang on the cover so that the eyes of the Pisces fish are directly under the hollow eyes of the Yin-Yang. The Pisces eyes are Amethyst gems. They are embedded into the purple handmade paper and are visible through the holes in the front cover. A smooth blue deerskin is stretched over the front cover along with an accent of suede purple. A smooth black spine matches the black leather closure ties. On the back cover are Sorority colors of a suede fuchsia leather and a smooth deerskin jewel tone green. The rings on the ends of the closure ties are sized for the addition of charms to be added. Copper wire is used in various gauges as highlites on the cover and on closure elements. A handmade copper coated paper is used inside the book randomly as well. The rest of the pages are acid-free and in assortment of fuchsia, blue, green and complimentary colors. The corners of the covers were slightly rounded upon request. Suede fuchsia leather lines the walls of the Yin-Yang hollow eyes. Feel free to contact me to see additional views and interior highlites of this special scrapbook.
Dimension: 9 x 9 x 3 inches
Price: $545.00

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