Leather Bound Art Nouveau Grasset Prints

This Leather Bound Art Nouveau Grasset Portfolio is a rare 48 plate version of M. Eugene Grasset's "La Plante". 48 individual stylized, geometric botanical adaptation prints were mounted into this custom leather handbound book. Three plant segments from the prints are represented on the covers. A Celery Pillar has been carved in great detail & depth and covered with smooth moss lambskin, capped with copper accents. The burgundy border features a long detail of stylized Bryony plant, again hand carved in deep detail and covered in leather. Silver beads highlight the Bryony Art Nouveau design, which is framed between two thick lines of copper wire. On the back cover of the Grasset book are three 3-D carved branches of a Sorb plant, also featured in the Art Nouveau 48 prints. The back cover features dark green deerskin, which is also seen in two vertical stripes along the Bryony. The Leather Bound Art Nouveau Grasset book has a rich brown leather spine and is finished off with green handmade paper as coversheets. These coversheets feature an Art Nouveau botanical pattern in metallic gold. The original loose 48 prints were contained in a red linen portfolio box. The original gold stamped title on the portfolio box, "La Plante 48 Planches", has been attached to the inner cover. (Additional photos available upon request) To ensure heirloom quality, a double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric has been applied to the cover hinges, hidden under the leather, and archival permanently flexible glue has been used. The headbands, stitched directly into the spine ends, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with thread and sewn directly through the binding for added strength. La Plante 48 Planches has been leather bound to feature 3-D versions of its contents on its covers.
Dimension: 15 x 18 x 3 inches
Price: $3,000.00

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