Gustav Klimt Custom Leather Art Book

Custom Gustav Klimt Leather Art Book. This Custom Leather Book features a representation of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt's Frieze at Palais Stoclet. The tree design has been built from multiple layers of binders board, and patiently carved with razorblades. Moss green lambskin wraps around the branches, highlighted by metal accents. The leather was attached in 1/2" spot increments until each segment was dry, to achieve the tightly wrapped effect. (More about these steps may be seen on the "Binding Process" pages) The Custom Leather Klimt Book contains thick archival 100% cotton rag paper pages. Each rag paper page has been attached to an archival light moss green linen strip which has been folded and sewn into the binding around six leather cords, seen along the spine. The headbands, stitched into the spine ends, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with green and metallic gold threads to protect the spine edges. The cover hinges are reinforced with a double layer of 55 lb tensile strength fabric to ensure heirloom quality and durability. The interior of the Custom Leather Klimt Book is lined with metallic gold paper. On each page is mounted a print of Gustav Klimt's work.
Dimension: 21 x 20 x 3 inches
Price: $3,000.00

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