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Stained Glass Entry
Sku: j0313
Price: $1,995.00
Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 13 x 1 3/4  (inches)

Interest in architecture and doors has culminated into this vibrant orange leaded stained glass entry door piece. Four stained glass windows have been imbedded into the covers of these siamese twin journals. Yellow stained glass highlites the arch of the back cover. The door hardware I created from copper sheet metal and wire which has been cut and hammered into shape and wired firmed through the cover for full functionality when opening the doors. Keyholes have been created as well as thumb latches. At the lower tip of the door plate are silver tube accents. The large windows are edged in a verdigris copper strip above them. I instigated the green patina with ketchup, lemon juice, and salt. Suspended from this decorative copper edging are four assemblages of silver, nickel and pewter beads. Six 4 level panels have been carved and embossed below the glass windows. Upon opening the doors you will see yellow handmade paper as coversheets with swirls ripped from orange handmade paper applied to the lower edge. (Feel free to request photos of the interior, back cover, and close ups) The pages bound into the book are acid-free and include an assortment of rag papers which have been printed with abstract orangish, plus black and white serigraphs. Random orange pages are found throughout as well. The back cover sheet is seen when both books are flipped completely open. That back coversheet is constructed from a highly textured green crinkled handmade paper with backing fibers which protrude from the edges of the pages. Atop this paper is a swirl formed from hand ripping and shaping it from dark green handmade paper. A bit of this decorative accent can be viewed between the pages of the two books when both front covers are opened. On the back of the book is a raised swirl embossed under the suede orange leather. The headbands are handstitched consisting of leather cords wrapped in yellow and orange thread.

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