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Custom Portfolio Box with Window
Sku: c570
Price: $1,195.00
Dimensions: 17 x 21 x 3 1/4  (inches)

This is a heavy duty double walled portfolio box for a photographer. The artists photographs will be stacked inside this clamshell style box showcasing the top image through the rippled antiqued style stained glass window. Brushed aluminum creates a framing around the arched window. Red fabric covers the exterior and walls of the box while contrasting black fabric accents the interior. As one opens the lid on a flat surface, the artist's photographs can then be viewed one-at-a-time and slid into the open upper lid to the left. After the final photograph would be viewed, a business card could be seen, inset into the inner surface. A transparent small bag is also riveted onto the inner back cover(seen vaguely in this image). This is to hold extra business cards for clients to remove.

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