Initials and Heart Wedding Book


As a wedding album, this screwpost style of book features handcarved and embossed initials as well as a heart, capped in brushed aluminum.  Please view a full description below.

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This Initials and Heart Wedding Book includes two loose covers.  Consequently, screwposts bind the covers together so there is flexibility of function.  This expandable style of book allows for addition of more pages.  Also, it allows changing the order of pages.

The book features handcarved and embossed initials.  In addition, the design focuses on a heart capped in brushed aluminum.  This metal heart symbolically links the initials together. 

Upon request, I constructed the wedding book as a scrapbook album.  Therefore, standard 12 inch x 12 inch plastic scrapbooking pages may be inserted into the book.  Specifically, three scresposts hold the pages together.  These can be easily removed for additional pages to be added.

Brushed aluminum wire highlights the curves of the design between the leathers.  Suede blue and suede pink contrast with the smooth ivory leather.  As a result, a texture variety on the cover entices handling,

Handmade paper lines the interior of the Initials and Heart Wedding Book.  Genuine flower petals embed within the paper.  In addition, the lovely botanical paper includes green leaves printed on top.

A double layer of 55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure heirloom quality and durability. Archival permanently flexible bookbinding glue safeguards the book for a lifetime of durability.

You are welcomed to view additional Wedding Books.  Or view examples of more Screwpost Books.

Please CONTACT me if you are interested in a Custom Book.

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Dimensions 13 × 12.5 in


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