Personalized Leather Retirement Book


This leather retirement scrapbook has been highly customized.  It includes abstracted initials “SH” on the cover, inset stained glass windows, a date, and knitting needles attached to the back inner cover.  A full detailed description is below.

SOLD.  Please CONTACT me if you are interested in a Custom Book.


As a Personalized Leather Retirement Book, this leather scrapbook has been highly customized for the retiree. 

The retirement book includes abstracted initials “SH” on the cover. Deep pink leather wraps the “S”.  Likewise, turquoise leather envelopes the “H”.  They are each edged with copper and silver wire.

Within the initial “S” are two stained glass windows in orange and gold.  The stained glass windows and can be viewed from both sides of the cover.  Therefore, light passes through the windows when the book is opened. 

“1998” designates the date with embossed numbers under yellow leather.  A steel washer frames the date.  At the same time, it adds an additional touch of metal to the overall design.

Ivory and turquoise acid-free papers form the pages.   Handsewing binds them around the four leather cords seen along the spine.  Orange lambskin accents the design.  Purple leather wraps the spine over the binding cords.  In addition, silver beads highlight the curves.

The retiree enjoys knitting.  Therefore, green knitting needles edge the inner back cover edge.

Purple handmade paper lines the inner covers as endsheets. I hand stitched headbands directly onto the spine ends.  They consisting colorful threads wrapping around leather cords.

Two layers of 55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforce the hinges for heirloom quality

I have made many retirement books, very personalized for each recipient.

Please CONTACT me if you are interested in a Personalized Leather Retirement Book.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 11.5 × 2.5 in


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