Rotary Phone Bell Wedge Book


Ringer parts from a 1964 rotary telephone have been designed into this triangular bound wedge book. One of the two ringer bells from the antique rotary telephone has been screwed onto the triangle shaped cover.

Attached to ball chain is the original striker element from the phone, so one can manually ring the bell and be interactive with the book. There are three projections on it which were used to vary the loudness of the ring so you can achieve various tones.  When you have a clever thought, ring the bell and write in the journal!

Smooth brown leather covers the book. The off white fibrous coversheets are made from homemade kozo fiber paper (an inner tree bark from the Philippines.) Headbands are handstitched and sewn directly into the spine edges. Acid-free pages are a mix of white and ivory papers.


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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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