Basketball Hockey Baseball Card Collector Book


This screwpost bound book holds collector sport cards for Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball. Real basketball skin forms the basketball mosaic. Metal is included in the cover design as well as leather lacing. Please see full description below.

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This Basketball Hockey Baseball Card Collector Book protects a collection of sport player cards.  Sporting cards reside in archival plastic sleeves within the screwpost binding.



A basketball skin wrapped ball features dominant on the front cover, made from a real basketball.  In specific, I cut up an NBA basketball to create the ball panel shapes.  Each basketball panel affixes to the cover with hidden wires and forms a mosaic.  Underneath the basketball skins a thick convex leather disk serves as the base of the ball.


Baseball features on the custom leather book in three ways.  Firstly, white leather wraps around the handcarved rounded baseball on the front cover. Red wire forms the baseball stitching, sewn through the ball.  Importantly, this wire highlights the baseball as well as the motion marks to represent the this recipient of this book – a metal works business owner.  Secondly, a mini leather baseball and wooden bat serve as pendants on pagemarkers.  Mini baseball and basket beads adorn the leather bookmark cords as well.  Thirdly, red leather cording laces all the way through the coverboard to form a curved baseball stitching arch on the front cover.


A handcarved hockey puck features metal capping to again represent the book recipient’s metal industry. Subsequently, brushed aluminum covers the facets of the hockey puck to add shine and a metallic look.

Embossed Name

Stuart carved and embossed lettering in the lower right corner designates who the book is for. Formed from a specific font, each letter has been drawn, cut, carved, and sloped before being leather embossed. It was important to personalize the Basketball Hockey Baseball Card Collector Book.


Archival plastic sleeves fill the interior, 3 inches thick.  Each sheet holds 9 baseball cards or other sporting cards. 18 cards per sheet when inserted back to back. Screwposts hold the pages in place. Orange ‘rain paper’ lines the inner covers as endsheets.


You are welcomed to view additional Sport Themed books, as well as many more Personalized Designs.

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Additional information

Dimensions 11.5 × 9.5 × 4 in