Embossed Name Family Bible


This old family Bible has been refurbished with new covers and leather embossed lettering in a requested font. Hinges are reinforced. A two level cross is capped in copper.  Please view the full description below.

Sold. Please Contact me to Custom Order.



This Embossed Name Family Bible showcases a handcarved name under smooth black leather.  A specific font decorates the cover upon request.

This old family Bible now features brand new covers.  I removed the original cover boards.  Subsequently, the new extra strong cover boards affix to the Bible for optimum durability.  This includes a double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforcement at the hinges.  Therefore, extra strength is added.

Five faux binding cords enhance the spine to create texture.  In additional, they add a classic look.  Two built-in purple and red ribbon bookmarks attach to the upper spine for functionality as well as a splash of color.  Red also features inside the Bible as handmade paper endsheets.  

The old stick-on headbands of the Bible were removed.  Instead, handstitched genuine headbands replace them.  I wrap leather cords with thread colors to compliment the color scheme.  They are directly sewn onto the binding edges with purple and red threads.

Feel free to request a Embossed Name Family Bible of your own with any font choice and cross design.

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SOLD.  Please CONTACT me if you are interested in a Custom Bible.

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Dimensions 10 × 7.25 × 1.75 in