Industrial Leather Mosaic Scrapbook


As an interactive scrapbook, this leather book is designed with 3 chrome windows that have snap shut hinges and well as a chain as a closure, which slides over the metal platform and is held closed with a removable pin.  5 brass rings serve as feet on the bottom.  3 photos can be mounted on the 1st page to be viewed through the windows.  Please see the full description below for more.

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This Industrial Leather Mosaic Scrapbook features chrome windows atop a mosaic of raised leather panels. The truck part art includes three Freightliner instrument covers. In addition, a chain serves as a book closure device, held in place with a removable cotter pin.

The round windows close with firm spring hinges. As a result, each stays tightly shut until opened by hand to view a photo one might mount to the first page. 

The shorter front cover on the book allows the handripped deckled edge multicolored pages to be visible.  These acid-free pages fill the handbound book, handsewn around the three leather cords seen at the spine.  As a bonus, a few pages fold out and extend to twice the book size, to accommodate panoramic images.

The endsheets showcase handmade metallic marbled paper with orange accents.

Two layers of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforce the hinges of the industrial design sketchbook. Also, handstitched headbands protect the spine ends.  

Ochre, rust, cream, tan, and orange leathers cover the handmade leather mosaic cover.  An extremely dark green, almost block, leather wraps around the spine. Striped panels of leather cover the back, under the five brass ring feet. Each panel on the Industrial Leather Mosaic Scrapbook features a different leather, including both smooth and suede leathers.  

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SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 16 × 10 × 3.5 in