Abstract Initials Leather Box


Multiple curved levels are covered in various leathers on this Custom Leather Clamshell Box. It is personalized with very abstract initials PLM: P – green and pink, L – gold, M the edge around the red and orange leathers.

A sheet of copper accents the right-hand raised panel. Two children are symbolically represented with two red glass beads. Copper wire also accents the spine on a raised panel.

This Customized Leather Box is made in the Clamshell Style, where the top lid encloses over the back lid with full walls. The walls of the box are stepped and double thick, plus reinforced with 55 pound tensile strength fabric on every joint and hinge. The Customized Leather Box is constructed strong enough to stand on along the outer walls.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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