Bicycle Parts Leather Box


Bicycle gears and spokes have been wired onto this clamshell box. A handcarved and embossed bicycle has been created on the box spine edge, with personalized initials JMM represented on the wheels and with the M of the bicycle frame. The five Bicycle Spokes are symbolic of five children.  Please see the full detailed description below.

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This Bicycle Parts Leather Box showcases bicycle gears and bicycle spokes. A stack of bike gears protrudes from the top of the clamshell box cover.  In specific, four bicycle gears stack together, firmly wired onto the front cover.  In addition, a smaller thinner gear serves as a handle to open the box.  This thinner bicycle gear solidly attaches to the cover by being sandwiched between the raised black frame of the box and the cover board.  Therefore, the gear handle strongly lifts the weight of the box cover to open it.

To personalize the box, five Bicycle Spokes represent five children.  

A handcarved bicycle accents the box spine edge. Firstly, it became a method of adding the initials JMM to the leather clamshell box. One M is represented by the bicycle frame.  Each wheel holds a letter as well, J and M.  Secondly, the joy of bicycling symbolizes the design.  Thirdly, the bicycle on the the box spine allows for the addition of the forth leather color, green.

Swirls have been branded onto the colorful red sides of the box. The walls of the box are stepped and double thick, plus reinforced with 55 pound tensile strength fabric on every joint and hinge. The Bicycle Parts Leather Box is constructed strong enough to stand on along the outer walls.  

More Leather Boxes are available to view, as well as additional Sport Themed Books and Boxes. 

SOLD.  Please CONTACT me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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