Birch Leaf Wedding Album


A Birch Leaf has been handcarved and embossed under smooth gold deerskin on this Custom Wedding Album. Leather colors were selected to match the wedding color theme. A full description is below.

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A nature carving features on the cover of this Birch Leaf Wedding Album.  I hand carved the birch leaf to fit the requested wedding theme.  Next, gold leather pushes deeply into the grooves as it is embossed one inch at a time until tightly covered under leather.

The leather color selection fits the wedding color theme.  Therefore, the wedding album will match the look of the wedding perfectly.  Many variations of green and gold leather cover multiple curved levels.   For contrast, the curved accents are suede while the main cover is smooth leather.  As a result, the texture of the book creates an appealing variation when handled.  Plum leather covers the spine.  The two leather bookmarks are made from pink and green leather.

I handripped ripped each page one at a time to form a deckled sculpted edge. The Birch Leaf Wedding Album showcases green handmade paper endsheets lining the inside of each cover.

Copper wire edges the curved accents.  Thereby, additional shine, color, and texture highlights the overall design.  Clear coat spray seals the copper so it will retain the current luster.

You are welcomed to view examples of additional custom wedding books. You may also view other nature themed books which might include leaves, trees, animals, landscapes, shells, twigs, and insects.

SOLD.  Feel free to CONTACT me to talk about a Custom Wedding Book.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2.5 in


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