Cherry Blossom Wedding Guestbook


This spring wedding book includes handcarved initials embossed under white deerskin.  The carved Cherry Blossom’s anthers are represented with silver wires, curled at the tips.  More info is below.

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This Cherry Blossom Wedding Guestbook features handcarved initials embossed under white leather. 

In addition, the carved Cherry Blossoms raise three dimensionally from the surface.  Also, silver wires form the Cherry Blossom’s anthers.  This silver wires curls at the tips. 

As a guestbook for a spring wedding, green leather dominate the spine and back cover. 

To match the wedding colors, white and pink pages fill the book.  Also, handmade gold textured paper lines the interior as coversheets.

55 lb. tensile strength fabric reinforces the spine and hinges of the Cherry Blossom Wedding Guestbook for heirloom quality.

Headbands are hand stitched with pink and green threads around leather cords.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order,  

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 5.50 × 2 in


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