Garden Scrapbook with Window


This custom book showcases a garden path in Georgia. Pebbles and shells, taken from the actual path, move freely between two layers of glass. Dried grasses are embedded in handmade paper lining the interior.  Suede gold leather is embossed over carved flowers with metal accents.  Please see the full detailed description below.

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This Garden Scrapbook with Window highlights the favorite elements of someone’s garden path in Georgia. Pebbles and shells were gathered from the actual path and sent to me.  They now move freely between two layers of glass as a nature window.

A three-dimensional brick border frames the glass window.  Carved flowers accent the edge of the garden path.  In addition, small metal wires and beads highlights the garden plants. Copper wire also accents the curve of the path and curve of the leather near the spine.

Most importantly, specific plants represent the actual plants along the garden path in Georgia.  Firstly, thin Copper wire winds up the center of the vine plant to represent the stem. This wire splits into three tendrils and curves off the top into swirls. Secondly, silver beads are embedded onto the Black Eyed Susans as the center of the flower.  Thirdly, hostas were carved to complete the nature art.

Handmade paper lines the inner cover as endsheets.  Significantly, dried grasses embed into the handmade paper to match the botanical book theme. These grasses extend out the ends of the coversheets, seen along all the edges of the book.  Also, this paper is viewable through the window as the moving pebbles allow open areas along the path.

Green, gold, and white acid-free pages fill the Garden Scrapbook with Window. Green and gold handstitched headbands affix to the spine ends.  

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2.75 in


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