Golden Retriever Scrapbook


This dog themed scrapbook album was specially designed for photos of two new Golden Retriever puppies – Penny & Leo. Their names have been carved and embossed under smooth black leather, with a raised paw print between them.  Please see the full description below.

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This Golden Retriever Scrapbook is specially designed to contain photos of two new Golden Retriever puppies, Penny and Leo.  The dog names are features under smooth black leather, with a raised paw print between them.

Font for the pet’s names show handcarved styled block lettering.  The names tightly emboss under smooth black leather. 

Suede brown leather forms around the handcarved Golden Retriever on the front cover.  The sculpture raises several layers high to make it highly three-dimentional.  Razors blades carved the fine detail into the dog sculpture.  Subsequently, the leather fits snugly into all grooves through slow handworking, one inch at a time. 

Multi colored acid-free pages fill the book.  Spacers expand the spine edge.  Therefore, room is created for adding photographs of their new fur babies.  In addition, paper colors selected match the color theme.  Each one of these pages shows a curved deckled edge.  This results from handripping each page one at a time.

Pages of the Golden Retriever Scrapbook are handsewn around three leather cords, visible under the black leather of the spine.

Gold and rust colored threads wrap around leather cords to form handstitched headbands on the spine ends.  Beautiful metallic gold marbled handmade papers line the inner covers as endsheets, with base colors of browns and orange.

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SOLD. Please CONTACT me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 19 × 12.25 × 4 in


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