Harley-Davidson Brake Handle Album with Window


Genuine Harley-Davidson parts are used on this leather album with a glass window.  A full description is below.

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Most importantly, this Harley-Davidson Brake Handle Album with Window includes genuine Harley-Davidson parts.  Therefore, real motorcycle parts form the design.

Chrome Harley-Davidson brake and clutch handles are securely wired onto the cover.  Subsequently, they serve as handles to open the album.  

Orange handmade paper lines the interior.  A clutch plate frames the round glass window.  As a result, your may mount a photo to the first page to be viewed through the window.  The glass window has a clear antique finish with subtle streaks. Therefore, this creates a slight abstraction to the image beneath.

The Harley-Davidson lettering slopes from handcarving.  After sculpting the letters, black leather wraps around the forms to emboss sharp shapes.

A motorcycle roller bearing forms the “O’ of Harley-DavidsOn.  Aluminum wire lines the inner back cover. 

Pages are acid-free.  Therefore, they will preserve the memories you place on each page.  A mixture of white and off-white sheets fill the book.  Also, there are a few orange pages as accents.   

Headbands decorate the spine ends.  These afix straight into the spine.  For example, orange and black threads wrap around leather cords to start headbands.  In turn, these cords are sewn directly into the spine ends as protection.

Smooth black leather wraps the Harley-Davidson Brake Handle Album with Window.  An accent stripe of black suede accentuates the back cover. Orange leather rims the round window on each side of the glass.

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Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2.5 in


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