Harley-Davidson Rose Photo Album


This custom Harley Davidson album includes a carved rose, last name capped in copper, inset Harley-Davidson belt buckle, 100th Anniversary Harley-Davidson page key chain turned into a page marker, black acid-free pages, black and orange handstitched headbands, and orange handmade paper coversheets. Please see the full description below.

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This Harley-Davidson Rose Photo Album includes a handcarved rose, embossed under black leather.  The rose sculpture shares cover space with a copper name and motorcycle emblem.

Firstly, the name Rozeboom showcases across the leather book cover.  It consists of embossed lettering.  In addition, copper highlights the embossed name on the custom motorcycle book.

Secondly, a Harley-Davidson belt buckle serves as motorcycle artwork on the black leather scrapbook.  The Harley belt buckle insets into a two level oval frame.  As a result, the black oval frame protects the edges of the motorcycle belt buckle.  In addition, it provides a deep channel into which the buckle securely sets.

Thirdly, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle theme carries on to the bookmark.  In specific, a leather lace attaches to a Harley Davidson keychain as a pagemarker pendant.  Importantly, the it is a 100th Anniversary Harley-Davidson keychain.

Another key point, orange handmade paper lines the inner covers of the motorcycle scrapbook as endsheets.  Therefore, the Harley-Davidson company colors of orange and black are displayed.

Likewise, handstitched headbands on the spine ends of the Harley-Davidson Rose Photo Album feature orange and black threads.  These protect the spine ends.

The making of this book may be viewed on the Binding Process page.

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SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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