Horse Bit Leather Scrapbook


A horse bit and horse hair have been utilized on this specially requested Equestrian Bat Mitzvaha Scrapbook. The leather colors match the party invitation, which is mounted to the first page.  The silver ‘S’ is the initial of the recipient. The horse bit serves as a closure mechanism. The curved end swings freely as the book is opened, and is utilized as a loop for the leather lace when closed. Horse hair has been braided to create a page marker.  Please see full details below.

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The Horse Bit Leather Scrapbook serves as specially requested Equestrian Bat Mitzvaha photo album.  Abundant custom details personalize the leatherbound horse scrapbook.

Firstly, the leather colors match the Bat Mitzvaha party invitation.  Importantly, the invitation mounts to the first page to set the theme of the custom album.

Secondly, an initials S highlights the book cover.  Blue leather wraps the initial and brushed aluminum caps the S.  This leather initial represents the first name of the Bat Mitzvaha gift recipient.

Thirdly, a horse bit and horse hair symbolize a love of horses and equestrian events.  The horse bit serves as a book closure. Interestingly, the curved end of the horse bit is hinges and swings freely as the photo album is opened. Additionally, I received horse hair in the mail from a specific horse.  I braided it to form a pagemarker to fit the equestrian themed book.  Leather ties one end of the bookmark while the other end binds with a metal wire accent.

Smooth blue deerskin wraps around the spine.  Likewhise, white deerskin covers the raised curved accent.  Similarly,  suede burgundy leather steps up three levels to accommodate the horse bit.   

Brushed aluminum wire lines the border between the white and burgundy leather.

Coversheets consist of handmade blue paper embedded with bits of water hyacinth.

Pages of the scrapbook are handsewn around three leather cords, visible under the blue deerskin. The headbands are handstitched blue and burgundy thread around leather cords, sewn directly into the ends of the spine.

The acid-free pages fill the Horse Bit Leather Scrapbook.  This includes a few burgundy and blue pages as accents.

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SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 10 × 3 in


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