Horseshoe Leather Address Book


Shannon sent her own horseshoe for this custom address book. Some remaining dirt from the stable has even been sealed into the grooves of the shoe with a clear fixative.  Pages are handpainted with the alphabet, as well as months to records birthdays and anniversaries.  Please see full details below.

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The Horseshoe Leather Address Book contains handpainted pages for recording names and addresses.  Alphabet letters label the pages throughout the equestrian leatherbound book.  In addition, handpainted months designate the rear pages for recording birthday and anniversaries.

A horseshoe from Shannon’s horse mounts to the cover of this custom leather address book.  Most noteworthy, some remaining dirt from her stable remains on the horseshoe for authenticity.  A clear fixative permanently seals the dirt into the grooves of the horseshoe.

Copper wire firmly holds the horseshoe onto the suede burgundy leather book cover.  In addition, a strip of copper wire adds a highlight of color and shine to the curve of the leathers.

Shannon’s name has been handcarved and embossed under leather.  Similarly, smooth black leather wraps around the spine and binding cords of the personalized address book. 

Handmade off-white paper with embedded seeds lines the interior covers as cover sheets.

A soft black leather tie affixes to the back cover of the custom address book.  It wraps around a steel ring and functions as a closure.

Burgundy and black threads wrap around leather cords to form headbands on the Horseshoe Leather Address Book.  

More Address Books and additional Animal Themed Books.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 9.25 × 9.5 × 1 in


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