Leather Architectural Sketchbook


This Sketchbook was commissioned as a gift for a Minnesota architect. Sketches were provided to me of the architect’s design style to be interpreted on the red leather cover.  A full description is below.

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This Leather Architectural Sketchbook features the style of the architect’s designs on the cover.  Specifically, the commission requested cover art to be created based on sketches I received of his work.  This became an interpretation to showcase the distinctive lines and colors of the Minnesota architectural drawings which will fill the book.

Raised leather covered panels wrap with yellow and blue leather.  Wires discreetly attach to each panel, hidden under the leather.  These wires firmly secure the leather panels to the cover. 

Red leather covers the book. A lace closure loops through a copper ring on the back cover.

The back cover of the Leather Architectural Sketchbook extends out farther than the front cover.  This is because the pages angle, trimmed along the outer edge at a slope.

Red and yellow threads wrap around leather cords to form headbands, stitched directly into the spine ends.  In addition, two layers of 55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforce the hinges for extra durability.

More Architectural Themed Books appear on the website, along with other Sketchbooks.  

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Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in


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