Leather Baseball Photo Album


This red leather wedding album showcases an embossed name, miniature white leather baseball, baseball bat, and wedding date branded on home plate for a full baseball themed wedding.  Please see the full description below.

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This Leather Baseball Photo Album showcases an embossed name.  Most importantly, the personalized red leather book functions as a wedding album for huge baseball fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. The baseball themed wedding included this Cardinals Red wedding book for all of their photographs.

A miniature white leather baseball affixes the leather cover with silver wires.  In addition, the silver wires serve as baseball stitching.

A handcarved name, embossed under red leather, features on the cover in script font.  Subsequently, a baseball bat highlights the design and lines up to hit the mini baseball.  Furthermore, a home plate displays the branded leather wedding year.

Acid-free white pages fill the book.  At the same time, a few red pages mix throughout to coordinate with the St. Louis Cardinals color red.  Also, red handmade paper lines the inner covers of the Leather Baseball Photo Album as endsheets.

Handstitched headbands;  Archival permanently flexible glue.

More Sport Themed Books and additional Personalized Books.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 12 × 11 × 3 in


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