Maple Leaf Joy Scrapbook


This Custom Leather Scrapbook features a Maple Leaf handcarved and embossed under suede green leather. The name Joy has been placed on the raised curved accent, also handcarved and embossed, and edged with copper wire.  A full description is below.

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order. 


This Maple Leaf Joy Scrapbook represents a requested nature theme.  In specific, a maple leaf is handcarved and embossed under suede green leather.

In addition, the name Joy features on the raised curved accent.  Therefore, this personalizes the leather album as a gift.  Copper wire runs along the custom embossed name panel.

Handmade paper lines the inner covers as endsheets.

Handstitched headbands stitch directly into the spine edges. That is to say, they are comprised of leather cords wrapped with dark and light green threads. Consequently, they are sewn directly into the spine ends.

The nature themed leather book includes reinforced hinges.  To clarify, a hidden double layer of 55 lb tensile strength fabric ensures heirloom strength and quality.

Multi-colored acid-free pages fill the Maple Leaf Joy Scrapbook.  They are handsewn around the two binding cords seen under the spine leather.

Feel free to view additional Nature Designs and more Scrapbooks.  

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order. 

Additional information

Dimensions 9.5 × 6.25 × 3 in


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