Microchip Leather Textbook Cover


Microchips for Quantum Resistor Networks are wired onto the cover of this special commissioned textbook cover. Copper wire completes the connection between chips.  Please view the full detailed description below.

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This Microchip Leather Textbook Cover represents Quantum Resistor Networks.

Microchips feature on the special commissioned textbook cover. An assortment of computer microchips link together with copper wire completing the connection between chips.

The QRN title raises from surface, embossed under smooth black leather.  Similarly, and the Author’s name, C.H.Wu lines the bottom edge. 

Copper wire accents the raised outer border.  Acid-free and subtly multicoloredpages fill the book.

Burnt orange handmade paper coversheets line the interior of the covers. As a result, this decorative paper coordinates with the copper wire and microchip coloration.

The pages of the Microchip Leather Textbook Cover are bound around leather cords which are woven through the cover boards. Extra reinforcing bookbinders fabric attaches to the coverboards as well for additional strength and durability.

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SOLD.  Please CONTACT me for Custom Orders.

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Dimensions 7 × 10 × 1.5 in


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