Monogram Wedding Album with Gavel


This Judicial Wedding Album was custom made as a wedding gift for two judges. Featured is a carved Judicial Gavel embossed under white Italian leather. A monogram rises from the surface and is capped with brushed aluminum.  Please read the full description below.

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This Monogram Wedding Album with Gavel is a Judicial Wedding Album for two judges getting married.

White Italian leather wraps tightly around the handcarved gavel.  Beige leather wraps a curved accent panel.  Both this panel and the white curve on the right hand edge raise from the surface.  As a result, these raised curves firstly add addition interest to the surface through use of multiple levels.  Secondly, they help protect the silver monogram in the center. 

A additional small beige highlight runs next to the raised curve. This suede leather accent adds a bit of texture to the design.

The monogram which rises from the surface was handdrawn and then handcarved.  Brushed aluminum caps the wedding monogram.  Therefore, this allows for a silver looking finish without it tarnishing.  The R is on a taller level from the other letters and wraps over the gavel handle.

The wedding date is embossed three-dimensionally along the bottom edge of the Monogram Wedding Album with Gavel. 

White and sand acid-free papers fill the book, sewn around the three leather cords which are visible around the spine. 55 lb. tensile strength fabric reinforces the spine and hinges for heirloom quality. Headbands are hand stitched.  Handmade papers line the inner covers as endsheets,

Additional custom Wedding Books are available to peruse, and more Law Themed Books as well.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 in


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