Photo Window Wedding Album


IN STOCK – A glass window is featured on the cover of this album. Your photo may be slid into an inner pocket to be viewed through the window, framed with copper. A copper vine has been formed and curved along the edge, accented with plum suede leather. The inner back cover edge, as well the seam between the grey and beige leathers, are lined with copper wire. A full description is below.

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IN STOCK – This Photo Window Wedding Album features a glass window.  Slide your photo into an inner pocket.  As a result view it through the copper framed window.

A copper vine accents the photo window.  In addition, plum suede leather highlights the curved wedding book edge. Grey smooth leather covers the spine and most of the back cover. Again, plus leather edges the back cover.

Copper wire lines the inner back cover edge.  Likewise, copper wire highlights the seam between the grey and beige leathers.

Acid-free paper fill the wedding book, bound around three cords.

In addition, handmade paper lines the inner covers as end sheets.  Natural fibers coat metallic gold paper for a textured appearance.

Handstitched headbands consist of plum and beige threads wrapped around a leather cord.  They are sewn directly into the spine ends.

55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforce the hinges of the Photo Window Wedding Album.

IN STOCK – Please CONTACT me to purchase via Paypal or Check.

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Dimensions 12 × 11 × 4 in


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