Rustic Horseshoe Ranch Book


As a guestbook for a ranch, this ZM branded leather book includes a horseshoe and leather tie closure.  A full description is below.

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order.


This Rustic Horseshoe Ranch Book features a well used horseshoe on the cover. Handcarved and embossed initials ZM frame within the horseshoe. Copper wire firmly holds the horseshoe onto the cover of the custom leather ranch book.

A strip of copper wire adds a highlight of color and shine to the curve of the leathers. Six brown and natural leathers wrap the book, on various levels. In addition, many curves form the rustic book cover design.

Handmade off-white paper with embedded straw bits lines the interior covers as endsheets. A soft brown leather tie attaches to the back cover. Significantly, it serves as a closure with a copper piece on the end.

Handstitched headbands protect the spine ends of the Rustic Horseshoe Ranch Book.

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order.

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1 in