Sculptural Leather Slinky Book


IN STOCK – This sculptural journal features multiple colored acid-free pages fanned into an arch around the long spine. Springs are mounted on each cover, along with inset burgundy leather, hammered copper wire, and silver beads. A titanium surgical implant is suspended from the spine from a copper swirl, accompanied by stone embellishments. A full description is below.

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IN STOCK – This Sculptural Leather Slinky Book features multiple colored acid-free pages.  They fan into an arch around the long spine of this handbound leather book.

Springs are mounted on each cover.  In addition, burgundy leather insets into each cover as an accent.  Also, hammered copper wire and silver beads add accents.

A titanium surgical implant suspends from the spine from a copper swirl.  Furthermore, stone embellishes the titanium with cone and sphere shapes.

The pages are handsewn around the binding cords which extend out the side of the covers. The extended cords loop over copper washers and secure with rivets.

Leather headbands are handstitched and 6 1/2 inches long .  They can be seen hand sewn along the edges of the spine with gold and red thread.

Handmade textured dark blue paper lines the inner covers as endsheets.

The spine of the Sculptural Leather Slinky Book includes a window just for fun.  Therefore, making the binding cords and thread visible.

The exterior of the covers highlight four wire swirls and four smooth burgundy leather insets.

See more Sculptural Books and Journals.  Plus, the Binding Process page explains more about cord sewn books .

IN STOCK – Please Contact me to purchase via check or credit card.

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Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4.25 in


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