Stained Glass Jupiter Book


Designed for a Nasa Physicist, this custom leather screwpost album featured Jupiter in stained glass, along with three moons under suede burgundy leather. Initials have been individually carved, covered in blue deerskin, and affixed firmly to the covered with copper wire. The screwposts are hidden internally, accessible when the cover is opened.  Please see the full description below.

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This Stained Glass Jupiter Book was designed for a Nasa Physicist.  The round stained glass window represents Jupiter.  Significantly, three moons circle Jupiter, embossed under suede burgundy leather.

Blue leather wraps handcarved initials near the stained glass planet.  Copper wire firmly affixes the leather letters to the custom book cover.

A variety of blue and purple leathers accent the cover on curved multilevel panels.  Likewise, green leather wraps around the spine ends of the personalized Nasa book.

As a refillable book, screwposts bind the leather photo album. The hidden screwposts inside the Jupiter book allow for a full width cover design.  Therefore, three faux binding cords decorate the green leather at the spine edge.

55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges under the leather for added strength and heirloom quality. Brushed aluminum wire accents the curves of the cover levels.

Handmade blue paper with round plant elements lines the interior of the covers as endsheets on the Stained Glass Jupiter Book.

The reverse side of the stained glass Jupiter window is visible when the cover is opened.  

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 12 × 9.5 in


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