Yin Yang Pisces Scrapbook


This custom leather Yin Yang and Pisces themed scrapbook exhibits many personal features. Initials are handcarved and embossed on the cover. The eyes of the Yin-Yang are hollow windows and showcase Amethysts mounted as eyes of Pisces on the first page.  A full detailed description is below.

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This Yin Yang Pisces Scrapbook exhibits many personal features which were requested to be incorporated into the book design.

On this first page a Pisces symbol adorns purple paper, handpainted as a line drawing with copper paint.  In addition, amethyst stones embed into the purple handmade paper coversheets, set as the eyes of these Pisces Fish.

Handcarved initials highlight the lower cover in a specific font, embossed beneath a rounded carved Yin-Yang symbol. Hollow windows are pierced through the yin yang symbol.  As a result, eyes of the Pisces Fish line up directly under the hollow eyes of the Yin-Yang. Through those windows the amethyst gem stone Pisces eyes align.

A smooth blue deerskin stretches over the front cover along with an accent of suede purple. A smooth black spine matches the black leather closure ties. In contrast, on the back cover features Sorority colors of a suede fuchsia leather and a smooth deerskin jewel tone green. Similarly, suede fuchsia leather lines the walls of the Yin-Yang’s hollow eye windows.

The rings on the ends of the closure ties are sized for the addition of charms to be added. Copper wire of various gauges highlights the cover and on the lace closure.

A handmade copper coated paper randomly appears throughout the book as well. The rest of the pages are acid-free in assortment of fuchsia, blue, green and complimentary colors.

The corners of the covers slightly round for a soft look to the Yin Yang Pisces Scrapbook. 

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SOLD.  Please CONTACT me for Custom Orders.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in


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