60th Anniversary Scrapbook


This anniversary scrapbook album has been personalized with the initials of their last name capped with patina copper. Single pages were distributed to friends and family to fill, and then they were bound into the book. Please see the full detailed description below.

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This 60th Anniversary Scrapbook showcases special messages for the couple.  To explain, loose individual pages were distributed to friends and family.  Then mementos, photographs, and writing filled each page as greetings, well wishes, and story telling.  Subsequently, I received each filled page in the mail and could then bind the book together. 

Copper capped initials feature on the front cover, embossed under smooth beige leather.  These letters signify the initials of their last name.  A slight patina coats the copper, achieved by application of lemon juice and vinegar.

Copper wire accents the edges of the book.  Therefore, the wires help protect the cover edges.  In addition, the copper wires add shine and texture to the design.

Multicolored acid-free pages fill the book, handsewn abound the three cords along the spine. A deckled edge curves along the righthand side, achieved by handripping each page one at a time. 

Handmade paper with leaves embedded within the fibers line the inner covers of the 60th Anniversary Scrapbook as endsheets. 

Brown and beige threads wrap around leather cords to form headbands, stitched directly into the spine ends.

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SOLD.  Please CONTACT me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in


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