Catholic Lectionary


This Catholic Lectionary Book is customized with a Millennium Celebration design including intricate carving of Jesus and globe representations. It is the center book from a set of three.  Please view the full description below.  

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This Catholic Lectionary Book features a fully customized leather cover.  In specific, I was provided a graphic design by a priest for the Millennium Celebration in 2000.  I interpreted it into a three dimensional leather cover design.

The design spanned across a set of three books.  Firstly, an intricate carving of Jesus showcases the front cover of the center book, seen here.  Secondly, the left book portrayed the other half of the earth.  Thirdly, the right book continued the geometric globe design with aluminum wire latitude and longitudinal lines.

Both yellow and metallic gold leathers cover the Catholic Lectionary.

Additional examples of Religious Books may be viewed.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 14 × 12 × 1.5 in


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