Double Sided Journal for Lefties


You may write from any direction in this handbound blank leather journal, since there is no front or back. Perfect for lefties!  A full description is below.

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Double Sided Journal for Lefties allows you to write from any direction.  Specifically, in this handbound blank leather journal has no front or back. Therefore, you can write from both directions.  In addition, it is perfect for lefties!  

A leather cord ties the book closed when wrapped around the metal handles which are recycled diesel truck engine components.

Opposing colored handmade papers line the inner covers as endsheets. Wire accents the seam between the leather colors. Headbands are handstitched. Archival flexible glue has been applied to the book, as well as 55 lb tensile strength fabric on the hinges under the leather for added durability.

Acid-free pages fill the Double Sided Journal for Lefties, handstitched around two leather cords visible under the spine leather.

Additional Journals are available to view.


CONTACT me to place a Custom Order. 

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1.65 in


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