Embellished Celtic Cross Bible


A Celtic Cross has been Embellished with brushed aluminum and copper on several layers of metal work atop a raised platform on this Leather Bible.  Copper washers accent the corners.  Please see a full description below.

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The Embellished Celtic Cross Bible features several layers of design work. 

In specific, two levels form a Celtic Cross shape on the cover.  Subsequently, black leather embosses tightly over the two level platform.  Next, a four piece green patina copper layer rests on top of the platform.  Then brushed aluminum accents the centers of the cross arms.  In addition, silver wire edges the ends of the cross for added depth and framing. 

Copper washers accent the corners.  Also, a copper washer ties the four arms of the cross together, centered in the middle.

Textured handmade paper lines the inner covers as endsheets. 

Handstitched headbands protect the spine ends of the Embellished Celtic Cross Bible.  I wrapped leather cords on each spine edge with green and black threads to compliment the color scheme.  They are sew directly into the spine ends.

A double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure strength and heirloom quality.  In addition, and most importantly, archival permanently flexible glue safeguards the book for a lifetime of durability.  Specifically, this ensures that the binding will never crack like some old books which have inferior glue.

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SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 9 × 5.25 × 1.75 in


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