House Shaped Leather Book


A custom designed album or guest book can be requested in your own home’s style. This 1906 brick home design includes leaded and stained glass windows. The functioning blue door is embellished with an oval stained glass window, copper frame, and leather & copper hinges. An antique 1906 window hardware screw has been attached as the doorknob. Please see the full detailed description below for more.

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This House Shaped Leather Book is a large architectural style photo album. A custom designed album or guest book can be requested in your own home’s style.

A 1906 brick house became the model for this house shaped leather scrapbook. In fact, a remnant of the actual house serves as the doorknob.  The blue leather door includes an only window screw from the original house as the doorknob. 

In addition, the swinging blue door with and oval window mounts on leather hinges.  The oval stained glass window within the blue door frames with copper.

By the same token, a matching oval stained glass window caps the house design, seen in the purple leather dormer.

Also, four more windows inset within the thick coverboards to form the four pane leaded windows.  Certainly, some of those also include stained glass.

Suede purple steps lead to the blue door.  Brown suede leather wraps the house photo album and includes raised brick accents.  In addition, green leather caps the house scrapbook with shingle shapes represented.

Copper sill plates accent the main four leaded windows.  In contrast, silver metal forms the frieze board and peak details.  Verdigris crown molding shows green aging due to application of lemon juice, ketchup, and salt.  Coiled aluminum wire highlights the peaks of the dormer and porch. 

More details include a verdi-gris copper doorknob plate with keyhole and a blue leather interior on the back cover.

Thickly textured handmade paper lines the interior as endsheets.  In fact, this decorative paper is viewable through the glass windows.  Thick white archival papers fill the book, handbound around cords.  

Headbands on the spine ends of the House Shaped Leather Book are handstitched.

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SOLD.  Please Contact me for Custom Orders.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 21.5 × 3.75 in


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