Metal Vine Mosaic


The trapezoid shaped book includes a copper vine and silver panel mosaic. The vine leaves are patina green. Various pages are bound for a colorful striped effect. Handmade paper cover sheets. Handstitched headbands. More info is below.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.


The Metal Vine Mosaic journal features a copper vine on a trapezoid shaped book.  The odd shaped book is a leatherbound journal with blank acid-free pages.  Also, good for a sketchbook or guestbook.

The botanical book cover showcases the silver mosaic on multiple levels. In addition, green patina coats the copper leaves next to the thick copper vine stem. 

Various colored pages fill the book, sewn around leather cords.  Is a result, a colorful striped effect decorates the sloped page edge.  Individual cutting of each page formed the slope.  Also, handsanding to smooth the edge.

Handmade paper lines the interior as cover sheets. Handstitched headbands protect the spine ends of the Metal Vine Mosaic leather book.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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