Pujols Baseball Leather Book

This 10th wedding anniversary book includes a baseball theme, embossed names, a cross on the back cover, as well as a mini frying pan with branded initials. Approximately 100 people each wrote on or attached memorabilia to a page.  These loose pages were then handsewn to make this personalized leather scrapbook.  Please see the full description below.

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The Pujols Baseball Leather Book celebrates a 10th wedding anniversary.  The custom leather photo album features abundant personalized details as an anniversary gift.

Firstly, the embossed names Deidre and Albert Pujols have been handcarved in script font.

Secondly, a baseball and bat intermingle among the Pujols name.  This represents Major League Baseball.  The red leather in the MLB section also symbolizes the colors for the St. Louis Cardinals.  White leather wraps around the miniature baseball.  In addition, silver wire forms the baseball stitching on the mini baseball.

Thirdly, a raised cross dominates the back cover.  Therefore, this signifies strong Christian beliefs.

Another key point, a mini frying pan includes branded initials PFF.  To clarify, this stands for the Pujols Family Foundation.

Handstitched headbands consist of leather cords wrapped with colorful threads. They sew directly into the spine ends as protection.

55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges of the custom leather baseball scrapbook.  Most importantly, this helps ensure heirloom strength and quality of the anniversary album.

Hand ripped acid-free pages form a descending curved deckled edge. Gold handmade paper lines the inner covers. In addition, archival, acid-free, and permanently flexible glue protects the leatherbound book.

For this project, a stack of loose pages were distributed. Approximately 100 people each attached photos or memorabilia to a page to personalize it. Next, the stack of loose and filled pages was returned to me. Subsequently, I handsewed the 100 pages around the three binding cords visible around the spine.  

The Pujols Baseball Leather Book includes meaningful charms to furthermore customize the 10th anniversary wedding book.  They decorate the leather pagemarker.

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SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 4 in


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