Red Tree Landscape Book


As a memorial book, this personalized cover celebrates an artist’s painting, interpreted in leather and accented with her name in the corner. The tree was hand carved in seven layers and wrapped in an antiqued rusty red leather, capped with copper wire swirls.  Please view the full description below.

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As a memorial book, this Red Tree Landscape Book celebrates an artist’s painting, interpreted in leather.  Embossed suede green leather in the lower right corner showcases her name. 

The red tree sculpture features hand carving from seven layers.  The process involved first drawing the tree and building up layers.  Then a rough cut with a bandsaw created the general shape.  After that, came the very slow process of handcarving the tree with razor blades.  Next, I wrapped the tree in an antiqued rusty red leather, capped with copper wire swirls.

The process of wrapping the red leather tree takes many hours.  The leather application occurs one half inch at a time.  To clarify, the leather is worked tightly into the grooves in small increments at a time until the glue is dry.

Once the pages are added, three screwpost hold the book together.

Hidden internal wires securely attach the tree branches and trunk to the cover board.  Handmade paper, embedded with leaves, lines the interior of the screwpost book covers.

55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges of the Red Tree Landscape Book.  This fabric hides under the leather unseen, and it provided optimum strength to the book so the hinges will remain durable over time.

In addition, permanently flexible archival glue ensures that the hinges will never crack.

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Dimensions 11.5 × 9 in


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