Refurbished Vintage Botanical Book


This Botanical book “Curtis’s Botanical Magazine of Flower-Garden Displayed”, printed in 1803, and has been recovered with a three-dimensional leather rendering of “Yellow Flowered Geissorhiza” (geissorhiza obtusata).  A full description is below.

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This Refurbished Vintage Botanical Book now has brand new leather covers.  It dates back to 1803.  Consequently, the book required careful handling for restoration.  

It is entitled “Curtis’s Botanical Magazine of Flower-Garden Displayed”.

A flower from the book features as cover art.  In specific, “Yellow Flowered Geissorhiza” (geissorhiza obtusata) now adorns the cover.  A version has been rendered three-dimensionally.  Therefore, the tactile design shows pronounced depth.

I carved this flower based on a print from page 672 in the botanical book. 

Smooth beige leather wraps around the carving.  Leather application proceeds only one inch at a time.  Therefore, this slow process took many hours.  I work the leather a small portion at a time until the archival glue is dry.  Then I proceed to the next section and slowly work across the cover.

Chartreuse suede lambskin covers a raised accent strip.  In contrast, dark green leather wraps the spine and back cover. Silver and copper wire forms the anther and stigma inside the flowers.

The spine includes raised cords under the leather.  In addition, headbands have been hand stitched onto the spine ends.  

The coversheets of the Refurbished Vintage Botanical Book feature beautiful metallic gold marbled handmade papers.  These sheets have base colors of green and blue.  

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Please CONTACT me if you are interested in book refurbishment.

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Dimensions 6.25 × 9.75 × 1 in


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