Refurbished Bible with Name


This antique Bible has been refurbished and covered with black leather over a two level embossed budded cross, plus a name.  Please read the full description below.

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order.


This Refurbished Bible with Name has been repaired and then covered with black smooth leather.  The leather wraps around a two level Embossed Budded Cross.

The bottom of the front cover features an embossed family name under the leather to personalize the Bible.

Five raised cords adorn the spine.  Therefore, they add texture as well as a classical look to the antique Bible.  Also, six multicolored ribbon pagemarkers attach to the upper spine.

Red handmade paper lines the interior of the covers as endsheets.  Firstly, it provides a professional finish to the interior with decorative paper.  Secondly, it adds a pop of color when the Bible is opened.

A double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure strength and heirloom quality.  In addition, archival permanently flexible glue safeguards the book for a lifetime of durability.

Handstiched headbands protect the spine ends.  I wrap leather cords with thread colors to compliment the color scheme.  They are directly sewn onto the binding edges with red and black threads.

Feel free to request a Refurbished Bible with Name.  Likewise, you may inquire about a custom Bible personalized to any extent.

You may view additional Bible samples to inspire other ideas for a custom cover.  Or peruse a full variety of various religious books.  

SOLD. Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 7 × 9 × 2 in


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