Sand Window Wedding Album


This handbound leather book features linked initials over a window filled with moving sand.  A full detailed description is below.

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As a personalized book for Dory and David, this Sand Window Wedding Album features mixed sand as symbolism.  Specifically, sand from the east coast and the west coast mix together between clear glass. The sand is framed within a cutout in the front cover.  Therefore, it freely moves as the cover is opened.

Linked initials bridge the sand window.  Suede turquoise leather wraps the initials.  Additionally, brushed aluminum caps the top of each.

The window showcases the sand from the interior of the cover when opened. In addition, dark blue handmade paper finishes the back of the initials, also viewable.  This dark blue paper extends from the edges of the initials also creating a slight decorative texture around the DD from the front.  

Hammered aluminum wire accents the edges of the cover. Brushed round aluminum wire forms swirls around the window. Smooth blue deerskin dominates the main color.  Meanwhile, very dark green leather wraps the spine and back cover.

I handripped a mixture of acid-free white, off-white, blue and turquoise pages.  As a result, a curved deckled edge was formed.

Handstiched headbands protect the spine ends of the Sand Window Wedding Album.  I wrapped leather cords with thread colors to compliment the color scheme.  They are directly sewn onto the binding edges.  In this instance, they are blue and turquoise threads.

A double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure strength and heirloom quality.  In addition, archival permanently flexible glue safeguards the book for a lifetime of durability.

Many custom wedding album samples may be viewed, as well as guest books for a variety of occasions.

SOLD.  Please CONTACT me to custom order.

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 in


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