Small Gray Bible with Silver Cross


This Customized Leather Bible features a Silver cross with a small window in the center with corner beads. The Silver Cross pendant was sent to me to place on the new leather cover of the old small Bible.  Please see the full description below.

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This Small Gray Bible with Silver Cross features a Silver cross pendant and corner beads. I received the pendant with a request to utilize it as the centerpiece for the new Bible cover.  

The window in the center of the cross exposes gold marbled paper as a background accent.  In addition, silver & gold marbled paper lines the interior of the covers as endsheets.  Therefore, the endsheets coordinate beautifully with the front cover accent.

As an antique Bible, the addition of the new cover and refurbishment has restored use to the Bible.

Thin silver ribbon as well as wider mesh copper ribbon attach to the upper spine as built-in bookmarks.

Handstitched headbands protect the spine ends of the Small Gray Bible with Silver Cross.  In other words, I wrap leather cords on each spine end with thread colors to compliment the color scheme.  In this instance, silver and gold threads sew directly into the spine ends.

A double layer of 55 pound tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure strength and heirloom quality.  In addition, and most importantly, archival permanently flexible glue safeguards the book for a lifetime of durability.  Specifically, this ensures that the binding will never crack like some old books which use inferior glue.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 5 × 1 in


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