Snowy Window


Tiny white ceramic beads are sandwiched between two panes of clear glass within this leather photo album cover to create a Snow scene out the window.  A full description is below.

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Tiny white ceramic beads move freely between two panes of clear glass in this Snowy Window scene.   As a result, the white ceramic beads slide around between glass and form snow drifts when the book is handled. 

This leather photo album cover makes winter fun. Specifically, moving snow drifts encourage interaction and change shape.  

Beige suede covers the main body of the album and exterior trim of the window.  Similarly, purplish blue suede leather lines the inner window trim on both the exterior and interior of the cover. From the inside of the cover one can also view the snowy window and changing snowdrift.

Stainless steel window grills segment the glass.  Since the glass is clear, one can view handmade green paper through the window.

Green leather stretches over the spine, back cover, and front framework. Acid-free ivory pages are handbound into the book, sewn around two leather cords.

Handstitched headbands consist of light and dark green threads wrapped around a leather cord.  They are sewn directly into the spine ends of the Snowy Window album.  Consequently, these thick headbands protect the spine ends.

If you like the idea of items sandwiched between glass which are kinetic, here is a link to an album with moving sand.


Please CONTACT me to Custom Order.


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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 4 in


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