Stained Glass Sunset Album


A stained glass sunset is framed with sun rays on four levels and five gold and orange leathers accented with copper wire swirls. A copper capped name rests on leather ocean waves. A shell is mounted on the cover as well as on the end of the leather pagemarker.  Please see the full description below for more.

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This Stained Glass Sunset Album features an orange glass sunset framed with sun rays on four levels.  In specific, five gold and orange leathers wrap handcarved sunrays.  In addition, copper wire swirls accents the sunrays to add shine.

A copper capped name Ava floats above three levels of blue and turquoise leather beach waves. Significantly, these waves represent the ocean.  Likewise, the back cover includes waves framing a blue leather strip, symbolic of the Mississippi River.

A shell insets into the cover.  Furthermore, a shell pendant decorates the end of a leather pagemarker, accented with an orange glass bead and brass tube.

As another key point, copper wire edges the metallic gold and yellow curve on the front cover as well as the inner edge of the back cover. As a result, the copper coordinates with the sunray accents and Ava lettering. 

The headbands, stitched into the spine ends, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with yellow and light blue threads to protect the spine edges.

Acid-free pages fill the custom leather photo album, sewn around three binding cords seen under the smooth brown spine leather. Especially relevant, paper colors symbolize Sunrise in the front of the book to Sunset at the back. In addition, each page is individually handripped to create a curved descending deckled edge.

A double layer of 55 lb tensile strength fabric reinforces the hinges to ensure heirloom quality and durability.

Orange metallic marbled handmade paper lines the interior of the Stained Glass Sunset Album.

More Nature Themed Books, and additional Stained Glass designs.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

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Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 4 in


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