Laced Hole Leather Journal


This Handbound Journal has a hole drilled through the entire book. A leather strap is affixed to the inner front cover edge, passes over the paper edge, and then laces through the hole from the back of the book forward, to serve as a closure device.  Please view the full description below.

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The Laced Hole Leather Journal features a hole drilled through the entire book.  A leather strap affixes to the front inner cover edge.  Then it passes over the page edges and laces through the hole from the back of the book forward.  As a result, it serves as a closure device.

A hefty steel truck part and two small silver beads mount to the cover.  Black and turquoise leathers wrap around this curved edge book.

It works great as a journal or guestbook, or even a small sketchbook. The fun part becomes writing around the hole on each page, or working it into your sketch.  

Striking turquoise metallic marbled handmade paper lines the inner covers as endsheets.  Along the very edge of the inner covers this paper may be viewed when the book is also closed.

The pages themselves curve with a deckled edge and decending in length.  This is a result of handripping each page one at a time into the desired shape.

The headbands, stitched directly into the spine edges, are comprised of leather cords wrapped with colorful threads. The cover hinges of the Laced Hole Leather Journal are reinforced with 55 lb tensile strength fabric to ensure heirloom quality.

Additional Journal examples may be viewed, as well as more Industrial Books decorated with metal components.

SOLD.  Please CONTACT me to Custom Order a similar book in any size and color.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 4 × 1.75 in


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