Personalized Tennis Anniversary Book


This custom leather 60th Anniversary album is for a couple who loves playing tennis together.  Real tennis balls were cut into miniatures.   Netting is built into the rackets.  More info is below.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.


This Personalized Tennis Anniversary Book is for a couple who loves playing tennis together.  I cut up a real tennis ball to form the miniature tennis balls on the book cover.   

The leatherbound 60th anniversary photo album features two tennis rackets.  Importantly, netting has been inset into the tennis rackets for an authentic appearance.  Copper and silver cap the rackets, and leather forms the handles.

Names are embossed under smooth beige leather.  In addition, dark purple leather tightly covers the wedding and anniversary dates.  Bluish purple suede accents the curved date panel.  Furthermore, copper wire edges the suede curve.

Miniature tennis balls fit into the copper 60 in the anniversary scrapbook.  Another key point, the 0 of 60 creates a heart shape to represent both the love of the couple as well as the term Love in tennis.

Acid-free pages fill the Personalized Tennis Anniversary Book.

SOLD.  Please Contact me to Custom Order.

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 11 × 3 in


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